Poppers Mindfuck

Price: $16.99
Clip length: 00:16:05
Posted: 07/24/2017
File size: 637.56 MB
Category: Forced Intox
Secondary categories:
Mindfuck , Masturbation Instruction , Goddess Worship

An intense, seductive, poppers instruction and JOI clip. This was a custom commission but no names or specific details are used. I use this clip to confront you over your intox addiction, and furthermore, your addiction to me. You're insatiable now, aren't you? Always needing to go that little bit deeper with every new clip, and here I am to hold your hand. My body looks stunning in revealing lingerie, sexy stockings and high heels. I start off sensual and slow, easing you in to the mindfuckery that follows. Before long you're following my poppers commands - how to sniff, when, how long to hold it. You know I have just the right dose for you every time. You repeat Goddess Worship mantras for me, your dick beginning to dribble with every edge. I tease you with my spit and drool, and further control your breaths with a little vaping game. You're my mindfucked poppers addict, and you love it.