Ceara Lynch

Popper Pay Therapy

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Posted: 04/05/2019
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Category: Financial Domination

I’m an addiction specialist that excels at curbing men’s bad habits. It can take years before men finally admit to their problems, but making an appointment with me is the first step. I understand you are having issues with your compulsive behavior and paying women large sums of money. You’re running out of money now and this therapy session will practically make you broke. This addiction can be tough to break, so I decide to try a new treatment for your problem. The procedure will require the use of pop-pers to relax you and clear your mind. Here’s the secret to correcting your urge to give these “tributes” to women... embrace it! I’ve fooled my int0xicated patient into trusting me to cure him of his addiction to financial domination. I’ve created a FinDom slave of my very own. Anytime he feels the need to pay another girl, he’ll instead call and make an appointment for another expensive therapy session.