Plus-Size Pizza Feast in Black Lingerie

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Posted: 04/20/2017
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Some of us have a real need to pile on the pounds and after years of hard work to gain a well-rounded figure I'm determined to show it off so before I embarked on gorging myself on a large 4 cheese pizza I slipped into my naughty black lingerie so you can see every ounce of fat on my hot, curvy body as I stuff myself silly!

I begin my cutting up my pizza so that I can sit back amd lazily spear a suare at a time with my fork, munching some as I work. Soon the pizza is in pieces and I can concentrate on leaning back and feasting on the food. I eat and I eat, rubbing my round tummy as I feel it starting to fill out. I grab a can of coke and sup from it as I eat, feeling my belly starting to bubble while I eat. I know that soon I'll need to release some monster burps but I'm determined not to belch until every bite and every drop is inside of me!

Before I know it my plate is empty and the can is too. I sit bck, rubbing the rounded dome of my gut while I listen to the sounds of digestion filtering out from inside of me. I'm feeling soooooo full and bloated, I have to let something give way...

BUUUUUUURP! The gas explodes out of me with one loud tasty belch after another! I rub my stomach to help the rest of my burps move upward and soon I'm feeling much better! My belly is round and gorged and I feel content and heavy. I lay down in various positions to rub and rest my belly, including lying on my front and squashing it uncomfortably beneath me! 

Finally I take out a tub of moisturiser and begin to rub it into the skin stretched around my tummy. It feels SO good, soothing the ache developing from my stuffed belly. I love the feeling of my rounded stomach beneath my fingertips and the sensation of the cool creram sinking into my stretched skin.

Eventually my tummy is moisturised and I am done. I pat my belly gently and lie back for a rest. Digesting is hard work, you know! ;)

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