Play Along CBT Instruction

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Posted: 07/09/2017
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Category: CBT
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Masturbation Instruction , Humiliation , Female Domination , BDSM

You love a little pain along with your pleasure, don't you? Let's hope so, because today I'm going to hurt your dick and balls, along with the ones I have in front of me. I'm going to give you a real-time demonstration of how to inflict your CBT today. How hard, how many hits...slaps...flogs...punches...and yes; strokes. You'll need some lube, a flogger or similar, nipple clamps or clothespins, and a crop or other 'percussive' instrument. You'll be so hard watching me tease and torment this cock and balls as you punish your own. The jerking off you're permitted today will be minimal, so there's a high chance of orgasm denial, and a forfeit if you can't make it over the edge in time. But given how much I abuse your balls, that might be a blessing in disguise...