Ceara Lynch

Piss Tights

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:09:02
Posted: 03/21/2019
File size: 662.25 MB
Category: Pantyhose/Stockings
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There’s a lot of value in women’s lingerie, and my pantyhose are always in high demand. Men just love wrapping their face in them and sniffing the sweaty scent of my pussy and ass. This pair I’ve made extra special. I’ve soaked my black tights in my own piss to give them a truly unforgettable aroma. This is a rare prize for a twisted kinkster like you. As you inhale, I will enter your body and filter through every inch of you, not only engulfing your head but also permeating through every cell of your body. You will literally become my marked property, officially owned by me, your soul imprinted with mine. Licking and sucking the crotch of my pantyhose for any last drops of my pee. You will wear my piss soaked tights over your face as you watch my clips through your hazy sheer veil. Breathing in my essence as you stroke to your goddess.

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