Queen Kitty

piggy does anything to please his Queen

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Posted: 03/06/2017
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Category: Financial Domination
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Home Wrecker , Dirty Feet/Shoes

you are such a loser that you do not even deserve to worship My feet while they are clean. I even walked out in the mud to make sure they are super filthy. losers like you get dirty feet, not clean ones. Even though they are dirty I know they still drive you crazy. I bet you never thought your foot fetish would get this severe. It started with just a clip or two and now you can't even get hard unless you are worshipping My feet. your addiction has gotten so strong you know you must do anything to please Me. you know you have to do anything it takes to earn more for your Queen. it feels so good pleasing Me, sacrificing more and more so that My wants always come before your needs. you are gonna sacrifice so much you are gonna kick that gf to the curb but not before selling her things to send Me even more. I deserve it all and you will find ANY way to get more money for Me. Earn, beg, borrow, steal....do whatever it takes to always be sending Me more.