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Posted: 03/02/2018
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Blackmail Fantasy , Peeing

CUSTOM CLIP, ORIGINAL SCRIPT: Somehow, you managed to get a date with your beautiful co-worker Janey Jones. After dinner, Janey asked you to come to her apartment. Once there, you and Janey start making out. Janey suddenly stops. "I drank so much water at dinner. I have to go really bad." You say you'll wait for her in her living room while she uses the bathroom but Janey doesn't move. She begins kissing you again and then says, "I have to go really bad. I'm going to use the bathroom." However, Janey doesn't move. "Do you want to watch?" Janey asked. Confused, you ask, "watch what?" "Watch me pee." You are taken aback and hesitate to respond. "What? It's just a fetish I have. You don't have fetishes?" Janey asks. "Oh, you just don't want to tell me." You still don't know how to respond and Janey tells you, "well, if you don't want to watch maybe you should just go then." The thought of ending the night coerced you to agree to watch. Janey seems pleased with and says, "see, I knew you were a kinky boy." She starts making out with you again, stops, and whispers to you, "if I pee in a glass, will you drink it?" You are startled by this. Janey notices this and reassures you, "what, I'm not asking you to, I'm just asking if you would. I just want to see how kinky you can be." Your immediate thought is to respond, "no", but the word does not come out. Janey is very pleased with your hesitation and says, "but I can piss in a glass for you if you want. I think that's hot. If you do drink it, I'll suck your cock." She then takes you by the hand and leads you to the bathroom. To your surprise, there is already a glass on the sink. "I was hoping things would get to this point," Janey Jones says. She slips her panties off and readies the glass for her sweet nectar. The pees shoots out into the glass and it is filled in no time. Janey Jones places the glass filled with her almost clear pee back on the sink. She looks at you, smiling, and says, "Well, your choice," and directs her eyes to the glass. Janey Jones then sits on the toilette and pees the rest of her sweet juice out. At this point, Janey's fetish has taken you over and you take the glass and drink the warm liquid down. Janey watches you drink, very pleased with herself. "That's a good boy. Don't you feel better? Now let's take out that penis of yours so you can get your reward."