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Pay Attention To Me Facesitting - Angel Lee

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Clip length: 00:07:27
Posted: 07/12/2018
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Category: Face Sitting
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Big Tits , Muscular Women , Ass Worship , Smother , Female Domination

Angel Lee is sitting with her boyfriend, well sort of. He is taking up the whole couch and playing a game on his phone like always. She is tired of him ignoring her! They were supposed to spend the night, sitting together watching a movie. She tries to get him to pay attention to her but he keeps telling her to wait. She has had enough, she goes over to the couch and knocks him off lifts up her skirt and sits on his face. Caught by surprise he doesn't know what to do as she rubs her pussy and butt in his face!

He tries to fight back but can't. She has him and she is not letting up!

OTHER KEYWORDS-  Ass fetish, ass smother,  female supremacy, large tits, face grinding