Miss Kelle Martina

Pathetic Cuckold

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Posted: 08/08/2018
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Category: Cuckolding
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Small Penis Humiliation , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Chastity

Small chastity key around your neck. Just a sexy black bra. Black lipstick, dark eye makeup.

Hot button words: ‘Little boy,’ and ‘Cuckold.’ I don't know why but I really like that word 'cuckold'. Please refer to my dick as a little ‘penis' and my cum as 'spunk.' The scenario would be set after a very painful and humiliating (for me) cuckolding experience, wherein you have tied me to your bed spread eagle and beaten me, before you and your bull fucked right on top of me. You've just come back from sending the bull on his way and have come to check on me for some aftercare/light play. Please speak to me like I am a slave who is beneath you, but nonetheless is a slave who's well-being you have in mind (if that makes sense?)

You enter and look down on me, asking how I’m doing. It’s plain to see that I’ve been put through the ringer, but you also notice how hard I am in my cage. You fidget with the key around your neck as you tell me how obvious it is that I like being your cuckold. You tell me just how pleased you are of me, and that I have been doing a wonderful job as your slave. You, your Domme friends, and even your bull have commented on just how devoted a slave I have tried to be for you, so you decide you want to reward me with an orgasm. You go to remove my cage and start stroking my penis.

As you play with my little penis you’re commenting about just how good the sex you just had was. I’d like you feel free to be creative, as I think you’ve a fantastically devious imagination; telling me about all the punishing, humiliation, or teasing things you've done to me/made me do as your cuckold, or nasty ideas you're cooking up for me (Just no bi stuff please). Just before you finally do permit me to cum, you order me to thank you for kidnapping me and making me your cuckold slave. Once I cum and you’ve made me lick the spunk of your hand, you decide that tonight you will allow me to s***p in your bed curled up by your feet, rather than on the floor beside you. SPH, cuckold, chastity, humiliation, sensual domination.