P********t Party Girl

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Posted: 08/03/2016
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P********t Party Girl

STARRING: Jenny Jett

Coming home from a fun night of partying Jenny and her boyfriend enter their house and she stumbles over to the bed when she quickly passes out. Javier tries his best to wake her up by flopping her arms around, gently patting her face, calling her name so he pulled out his hard cock and puts it in her mouth thinking she might come to. But to no avail, Jenny is p********t cold and won’t rouse. Javier decides it can’t be too bad a choice to let his p********t girlfriend finish him off because his pulsating cock won’t do the work itself. He fucks her face and comes in her mouth with a loud moan. Then Javier decides to chill in the living room and let her s***p it off, she later almost chokes on his load but turns over and it dribbles out.

Fetish Elements: Groping, Striptease, Nudity, Blowjob, Face Fucking, Party Girl, Young Girl.Presented in 1920X1080 High Definition MP4 Format


Related Categories: FACE FUCKING, NUDITY/NAKED, BLOW JOBS, STRIP TEASEKeywords: face fucking

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