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Paperbag thing gets Spanked! by the Contessa

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Posted: 04/07/2018
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Category: Female Domination
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I have a brand spanking new slave in my hands here, they've never really been spanked but three Dominas just kicked their balls until they couldn't get up. Now I've pulled them onto a spanking bench and strapped them down.  They will listen to me talk about the importance of practice riding out intense experiences in the body with mindfulness and calm, breathing... and how important it is to Me for my slaves to work on this skill.

I've slipped a paper bag over their head to dehumanize as I LOVE to do and slipped a noiseless party favour in their mouth to make me laugh. Watch as I spank circles around them and climb all over them for a quite immersive and educational experience.. if they remember any of it that is.. hahaha.

I'm wearing panties and fishnets and one of my favourite pairs of ballbusting boots (they wipe clean so nicely lol) and black nitrile gloves for a little extra slap.

Watch me break in a new toy.