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Pantyhose Foot Slave Taboo

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Clip length: 00:13:13
Posted: 08/05/2016
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Category: Pantyhose/Stockings
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Foot Worship , Shoes , Foot Humiliation , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Foot/Shoe Fetish

Being the perv that you are, you stand in the hallway outside Ashley's room hoping to catch a lingering glimpse of her bending over in her short dress wearing sheer wolford pantyhose. You find her inside stretching from having worn heels all day and her lets and feet are sore. You know they need some "attention" but it would be taboo for you to even think about. While touching her toes Ashley sees you spying and makes you come inside her room. She admits that she knows all about you going thru her hamper to sniff her pantyhose and panties and who knows what else. She thinks you would make a good worship slave for her feet and makes you kneel before her and suck her toes and lick her feet while massaging them through her sheer pantyhose. Of course for being a slave of hers has a few perks and she names 2 very significant things you are rewarded with today.... Find out what it is during the video that you are about to buy. Get on your knees and purchase this video and get ready to become just another one of this goddesses pantyhose foot slaves.