Princess Fierce

P0p.per$: The Dream

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Clip length: 00:11:31
Posted: 05/22/2016
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Category: Mindfuck
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Femdom POV

**LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT**You try to resist the urge of inhaling my scent; but the moment a$ clip is posted you must purchase and feel my surge rush through your veins. You are desperate for a Fierce rush. I am going to take you deep into a dreamy world. You will find yourself waiting to touch. You will listen to my voice. You will watch my curves. You will descend deeper. You will hear my command to masturbate. In your deep t****e it will become clear you are a Fierce$ Addict. I will keep you in a dreamy like state. Once deep into your t****e you will soon find yourself going on a pop.per.$ and fierce binge.