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Posted: 11/19/2018
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Category: Jeans
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Sub Training , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Ass Worship

**Custom clip with no names used**

His request:

The more jeans I buy for you, the more turned on I get. This is going to go on the rest of my life. All my free time is occupied with obsessing over how perfect you are and serving you. The reason I work is to ensure I can continue to spoil you. Outside of work I will spend my time binging on your clips to reinforce in my mind the absolute love and devotion you deserve. I need you to dictate how my finances are spent. I should leave myself only enough money to pay bills, the rest now belongs to you. Could you use names like “good boy” and “pet” to reinforce my submission to you?

Clip Contains: denim fetish, goddess worship, financial domination, jeans fetish, ass fetish, sensual domination, submission, sub training, denim addict, designer denim, men following orders