Opportunistic Indiscretion

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Posted: 01/09/2017
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Category: Fantasy

Opportunistic Indiscretion 

Starring Norah Nova 

MaX gets home and finds his girlfriend Norah came home and is at the dining room table, “Norah, Norah baby?” MaX questions checking her pulse. “Ah she must have p* again,” MaX laments. 

 Picking up her arms, they flop to the side, “Wow she’s out! I may have to call the ambulance to pump her stomach,” MaX thinks, “if I do that they’re going to get a look at her—I should be first!” MaX declares unbuttoning her blouse and pulling up her fresh white lacy bra exposing her plump perky breasts. 

 MaX lifts her arms and wiggles them back-and-fourth some before letting them drop next to her limp body as he pulls her shaved pussy closer to him. MaX fingers her puss and brings her to the edge of the table and fucks her pink pussy until he cums. 

 MaX leaves her on the table to s***p it off. 

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