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Odette Gives Her Little Man A Wedgie Show(POV)

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Posted: 11/16/2016
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You are Odette's little pet man.You've behaved really well this week so Odette decides to give you one of your most favorite things... a wedgie show! She stands over your tiny body giving you a perfect view up her skirt for a bit before taking it off and getting to the real show. She pulls her cotton panties up tight between her ass cheeks just like you like. She squats down right on top of you so you get a super close view of her panties pulled tight against her asshole. She then turns around and does the same thing in the front, pulling her panties right up between her perfectly shaved pussy lips. She yanks on them and rubs them from front to back, enjoying the feeling of the soft fabric on her clit. When she's done she takes off her panties, rubs them all over her pussy and then gives them to you as a treat