Mistress Salem

Occultrix Slave Exorcism & Magic Transformation

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Posted: 10/13/2018
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Mindfuck , Feminization , Transformation , Magic , Fire Play

My slave has been possessed by demons - I will cleanse her of all sins & purify her during My erotic magic exorcism. My slave lies silently beneath Me, surrounded by blessed magick objects & candles needed for My exorcism ritual. See, the devil is in My slave- I use My powers to wipe away memories creating a clean slate, burning away bad energies & entities... My slave stays entirely still throughout the entire spell as music plays softly & High Priestess Salem invokes Her magick to carry Her slave far far away, mesmerized into a place free of all the things haunting s***p... This exorcism has everything to do with the Ultimate Power of the High Priestess ... ALL of the energies infecting My slave will be washed away. Sins will be let go. Past traumas erased. Full surrender to the High Priestess will grant Her slave a new chance at living a life without constant battle with the devil or any haunting demons from their past.High Priestess Salem uses Her Palo Santo & sage to purify. She brings the flames dangerously close to the subject of Her exorcism with skill, Her slave not flinching. Salem empties Her slave entirely, taking command of all thoughts & energies, stripping to Her primal nude powerful form to drape Her silken robe over Her slave... then Salem uses Her blessed wands, hand made of crystal, amethyst and pyrite, a gift from another witch, to charge Her slave's body with strong electric positive feminine energy. Her slave is anointed by the wands tucked beneath the silk against slave skin/ Salem's slave is completely brainwashed & purged ... Salem's slave must now be baptized in this new journey with Salem's blessed water - Salem whispers mesmerizing mindfucking spells into Her slave's ear, pleased with the work She has done to exorcise the bad spirits... Now Salem completes the spell by raining down dried rose petals upon Her slave, conjuring with even more f***e the divine feminine energy that will fill Her slave & complete the exorcism, purging, cleansing and reconstructing...This is a true spell designed to erase the sins of slaves' pasts and exorcise the devil from their body and mind. This spell requires the slave to be fully brainwashed so High Priestess Salem does all of the talking and all of the spellcasting. In this messed up world, Salem knows Her powers may help many - and filling victims of the devil with the powerful spiritual strengthening energy of Her divine feminine prowess using sorcery to transform Her slaves is the beginnings of Her spell work to exorcise the world at large & especially Her slaves so She may recreate them in Her preferred image & release them from captivity and the devilCLIP CONTAINS: erotic magic, mesmerize, magic control, exorcism, witchcraft, fire play, ritual, mind fuck, magic transformation, Feminization, Goddess Worship, brainwash, spellcasting, occultrix, body worship, boots, candlelight