Kelle Martina

Obedience Punishment

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Posted: 08/28/2018
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Femdom POV , Spanking , Corporal Punishment , Fetish Clothing

I am livid. I’ve had quite a few boys recently who don’t seem to understand the concept of obedience. They’ve tried to trick me, lie to me, or blatantly disobey me. Right in front of me. Can you imagine actually doing that in person? You’d be beaten within an inch of your pathetic life! You understand that obedience is something that I take very seriously. Now, whether or not you have transgressed yourself, you are going to pay for it today. Grab an implement from your kitchen drawer (spatula, spoon, or ruler) and meet me back here, on your knees. Be a good boy - take your punishment and learn about discipline.

A hard lesson, learned.

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