Ceara Lynch

No Erections: Week 7

Price: $10.99
Clip length: 00:10:08
Posted: 07/27/2017
File size: 823.21 MB
Category: Tease & Denial

You must be feeling extra soft by now. Going 7 weeks trying to keep those disgusting erections from popping up, paying me a $100 fee if you do. What once was a cock is just a sad shriveled nub of a cock. Now you’re almost ready to live the rest of your life pussy free. You will be committed to a lifestyle of serving as a sissy slave. Sucking, serving, and being abused is your only worth in this world. All you are is a good, obedient, soft little bitch that never gets a hard-on because girls don’t have penises. That’s what you are, just a slutty girl with a clit dangling between her legs.