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Posted: 02/10/2019
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Masturbation Instruction , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Cock Tease , Domination

Look at me. Now picture your wife. Is there really any comparison? NO! Of course not! Still, I want you to get out a pen and paper and start writing. Write down every reason why I'm hotter and better than her! From my flawless feet and long legs to my tight ass and sweet pussy, I'm SO much hotter than your wife (or girlfriend or any girl you could get!). My pearly white teeth and pretty smile, my luscious locks and doe eyes--she's no match for me! Even my intellect is superior. Now jerk for me instead of fucking her!

[Includes homewrecker, femdom pov, cock tease, JOI, female domination, goddess worship, sensual domme, mindfuck. Shot in HD.]