Mina Thorne

Night of Torment

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Posted: 04/09/2017
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Category: Chastity
Secondary categories:
Tease & Denial , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Cock Tease , Female Domination

Poor cock has been locked in it's cage for so long, what a relief it must have been to hear that I was going to let you remove the unforgiving cage. However your joy is short lived once you realize I'm exchanging it for a brutal spiked chastity cage! Once your dick is safely locked away the real fun begins. Teasing you with my perfect body, long legs, and sexy feet...I cause a painful stiffening of your cock. Straining against the brutal spikes. I don't stop there however, with your hands restrained to prevent you from reaching for your desperate release, and the key safely locked in a timed lock box, you have a long night ahead of you! The teasing will only get worse. Every time those sharp spikes awakens you once I finally permit you to s***p, it only starts again. How many times during the night will you experience this torment?