Goddess Christina

Never Stop Stroking: Loser Brainwashing

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Posted: 05/11/2017
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Category: Orgasm Control
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Mindfuck , Masturbation Instruction , Femdom POV , Orgasm Denial , Female Domination

Jerk at home in the dark like you’re supposed to loser. It’s what you’re best at. It’s what you love to do. I want you to be my good little jerkaholic. Stroking that hard throbbing cock for hours and hours on end. It’s feels so good jerking to my perfect Goddess body. You enjoy every single minute. You know your addiction is deepening and you never want it to ever end. The rush. The feelings. The thoughts that consume you as you’re under my spell. I’ll help you. I know what's best. This euphoria can go on forever. Just listen and obey. Never stop stroking.

Fetishes: Masturbation Instruction, Orgasm Control, Female Domination, Femdom POV, Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship, Body Worship, Ass Worship, Tit Worship, Bodystocking, Lingerie, High Heels, Redhead, Erotic, Men Following Orders, Slave Training, Sub Training