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Nerdy School Girl Melissa Strips & Perfectly Bandages Her Badly Sprained Ankle

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Posted: 05/20/2016
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Category: Ankle Sprain
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School Girl , Socks , Uniforms , Panty Fetish , All Natural

Poor Melissa has sprained her ankle quite badly in her hockey lesson and has gone to Matrons room. As she waits for Matron she slips of her trainers, socks & shin pads, wincing in pain as she slips them off her injured ankle, and you can tell how much it hurts. Melissa is in so much pain she has gone really warm, so she carefully slips off the rest of her cite gym kit & lingerie, but as she slips off her gym knickers and her panties her ankle gives way a little causing her even more pain. As she sits back up on to Matrons table her ankle is throbbing, as he rubs it she realises she cannot wait for Matron, and knowing exactly how to bandage a sprain she decides to wrap it up herself. So she gets a nice new bandage and slowly wraps it tightly around her ankle, carefully pinning it at the end. When she stands you can see she has done a good job and it is a little bit supported, but she still cannot put her weight on it at all!