Naughty Tummy Sex

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Posted: 06/23/2017
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Category: BBW
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Big Tits , Fat

When fatty sex feels so fucking good, why the hell would anyone want to be skinny??!

My beautiful partner Lushous Luce and I were enjoying a naughty night together a month or so ago when she pointed out our big, soft, rounded tummies were crashing together and jiggling away as they touched! She knew she had already reduced me to an embarrassed, aroused mess with those words but she chose to heighten my torment by taking her iPad and recording the sight of our fat bellies crashing together!

She focuses on my embarrassed expression for some of the video, capturing me without wig or make up or any sense of a mask, just someone who is desperately trying to keep it together after the love of my life has pointed out something that's set my level of arousal through the roof! I'm completely shocked by the size of my round, bounging breasts throughout the video... a feature which my naughty fiancee focuses on rather a lot!

I grab and squish her soft, pudgy belly in my hands and feel it pressing against my own... I honestly couldn't imagine anythng better than this <3

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