Myth Busting SPH

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Posted: 07/25/2017
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Category: Small Penis Humiliation

I was in my Vegas hotel room reading a muscle & fitness magazine online and came across an article '7 reasons why it's okay to have a small penis' - LOL LOL LOL. Before even reading beyond 'reason number 1', I just knew I had to turn the camera on and film what I had to say about this. This is an incredibly candid clip; I truly didn't plan to make this at all, so you get to see my real-time reactions to the hilarious excuses this magazine has made up for you tiny dicked losers. I'm really bratty and snarky and BLUNTLY HONEST in my verbal abuse for you little dicked 'men'. I tear down every reason they give for your dick being passable or remotely acceptable, and dish out the cold sexual rejection truth. It's never okay to have a tiny penis, loser, despite what someone got paid to write. But don't worry; you'll always have me here to bust these myths for you, laugh in your face, and let you stroke to the humiliation of it.