Annabel Fatale

My little Shrinker Giantess T****e By

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Clip length: 00:23:27
Posted: 07/17/2015
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Category: Giantess
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Giants , Mindfuck , Amazons

Have you ever dreamed of shrinking down to nothing more than a little amoeba while in the presence of a beautiful Giantess? Have you always assumed that this could only ever remain a wild, but deeply erotic fantasy?

ASSUME NO MORE! Using genuine 'T****e' techniques you will experience what it's like to be my incy wincy pet, brought out to play like nothing more than a life filled figurine. This isn't gimmick t****e, this is the real deal! With both t****e audio and POV footage allow me to bring your Giantess fantasy to life in a way you never thought possible! 

24 mins of pure Giantess