My First Coke and Mentos Bloat with Burps, Farts and Belly Sounds!

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Posted: 03/22/2017
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You've been asking for this ever since I posted my very first video on YouTube and finally I've tried it... The legendary Coke and Mentos bloat! But I've heard mixed things about thsi method over the last few years. Some people claim it blows them up like a balloon, others say they felt no difference... How would it work for me? I would just have to see for myself!

I had four full rolls of Mentos and three cans of coke. Cracking the outside of each one, I gulped down the first roll of mentos, accompanied by plenty of fizzy, bubbly Coke to wash them down into my waiting gut. Then the most amazing thing happened... I could feel them fizzing inside of me, it was an INSANE feeling!

I still didn't feel like I was bloating up though so I started on the second roll and soon they were in my tummy, swirling around and fizzing like mad! Now I was feeling bloated, although nowhere near as bloated as I get from d******g multiple litres of fizzy drink. While I tried to hold back from letting out the gas I was just too uncomfortable and I'd started to feel sick from the burning mint sensation inside of me so I had to burp before I could start on the third roll...and boy, did I burp!

The long, sickly sounding belches that came out of me were crazy! I've never burped like that before. They felt and sounded very different to my usual gaseous exulsions... and I was letting off blasts from the butt-end too.. I didn't know THAT was going to happen! Throughout the bloat I was letting off loud, bubbly farts from my round ass. Blasting out against the leather couch, there was no hiding them nor holding them back! I was so embarassed - does this happen to everyone or am I just a very gassy Goddess?!

I went back to the bloat and quickly managed to finish the last two rolls and three cans of coke in total. I could no longer feel the fizzing inside me but the mint-tasting belches that I let off showed that it was definitely still going on in there! I had a very busy belly and it was starting to become quite vocal so I laid down and pressed the mic to my rounded tum where it started to pick up all the weird bubbling sounds and gassy gurgles from inside of me. There was a real party going on in there! ;) 

Finally I gave my verdict on the coke and mentos bloat. How did I rate it? Would I do it again? You'll have to watch and find out!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! I had my webcam pointing at my stomach during the whole bloat so you can see any changes to my bloated gut while I gulp down the mints and the coke. Belly-Cam is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the video!

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