Kelle Martina

My Bi Fantasy

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Posted: 12/21/2018
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Category: Bi-Sexual
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Threesomes , Bi Humiliation , Femdom POV , Cuckolding

I’ve been seeing someone new and I can’t get enough of his thick, beautiful cock! We just can’t get enough of each other, really; we’re fucking all the time and it’s amazing, but my biggest fantasy has you to be fulfilled. You know I want to see you suck cock for me, right? And he wants to feel your mouth on his cock too. So you’re going to come over while we’re in the middle of fucking, just follow the sounds of me taking his big, beautiful cock. When you come in, I want you to get right on your knees so he can pull his cock out of me and put it right into your mouth while I make you suck and take his cum.

My hot bisexual fantasy.

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