My Belly Makes a Gurgly Ice Cream Float

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Posted: 03/29/2017
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Ice cream always makes my belly gurgle, but never moreso than when I drink coke while I eat some. Thinking back to my childhood, it's easy to see why. Did you ever make an ice cream float? Drop a scoop of ice cream into a fizzy drink and watched it foam up? Well, that same process happens inside of my tummy when I drink coke and gulp down spoonfuls of vanlla ice cream!

I had a nice cold bowl of vanilla ice cream and recorded my stomach noises while I ate. Every now and then I took a gulp of coke to wash it down with. By the time I'd finished both I coukd feel my belly becoing busier as it dealt with the foamy mess inside of me!

Afterwards I laid back and recorded my belly noises for quite a while, enjoying the gurgles that I could hear coming from inside of me. I felt a little bloated and burped a few times but then I experienced painful trapped gas in my chest which took some time to shift. 

Eventually my stomach finished digesting my dessert but those gurgles certainly carried on for a long time that night! ;)

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