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Mush - Angel Lee

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Clip length: 00:22:34
Posted: 04/09/2018
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Category: Vore
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Teeth , Tongue , Food , Mouth

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!

Featuring Angel Lee!

This is a fantastic spread of bright, crunchy foods, and I want to demonstrate how different kinds of food look in various stages of mastication. It is so much fun to see how the colors mix up. To start the process, I will chew with my mouth closed and every few seconds, open my mouth as wide as it will go to display the chewed up mess in all of its glory.

My probing tongue plays with the food, but I never spit it out. It is chomped until turned into mush! Take a deep mouth tour and explore all of the bits and pieces hanging from my teeth!

OTHER KEYWORDS- food porn, tongue fetishAngel Lee, lip fetish, mouth exploration, face fetish