Goddess Christina

Muscle Domination: I am SUPERGIRL

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Posted: 02/21/2018
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Category: Body Busting
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Mindfuck , Flexing , Biceps , Femdom POV , Boot Domination

Custom Request. No Name Used. Request: (You wait about 10 seconds before entering the living room because you are breaking down the door). You stroll into your gym teacher’s house and find him sitting in his living room. You laugh as you tell him that it was no use getting a stronger door. You just needed two kicks this time to break it down.  He hasn’t been at school these past three weeks due to his injuries you caused while breaking his ribs.  You tell him that you just had to check up on him to see if he was ok! You tell he must miss his video camera that you destroyed... he has to rely on his memory of the muscle domination session you gave him last time. You start to flex and mention how strong you are.. legs, abs, biceps, etc. You take off your crop top and he is in awe of your breasts. You then take off your shorts and show off your thong. You do your muscle poses and tease him.You walk slowly towards him and he tries to run away. You chase him quickly and throw him down. He’s dizzy and down for the count but semi conscious. You tell him that you’ve discovered something about yourself, some power that you didn’t know you had. You couldn’t get your gym locker door to open and out of anger, you reached up and grasped the top of the locker door, and you slowly started to bend the locker door! You then tore the door right off the hinges! You had no idea what super strength you had! To confirm this, you walked to the gym when no one was around and started to lift 300 pound weights with ease. You then realized that you were no ordinary girl, but a “supergirl”. You see him chuckling as if he doesn’t believe you. Really? You squeeze very hard and crack his ribs.  You ask him if he heard from his f****r today. You grin evilly. You explain that you needed some “help” with your math homework, and went to see him (he teaches at the highschool). You tell him that you walked up to him as he was sitting in his metal chair and you straddled him. He kept staring at your boobs and abs and you told him to feel your strong abs. As he put his hands on your flat, hard body, you slowly wrapped your legs around the chair and waist. You started to squeeze tighter and tighter... the chair started to cave in around his waist, You just loved the sound of bending metal straining against your powerful leg muscles. He couldn’t speak due to the pressure. You squeezed harder and harder and you heard his waist and back breaking. The chair couldn’t take your strength and split in two! He lay there motionless on the floor, broken back. You notice that your gym teacher has such a huge boner and loves your muscle stories! You tell him to feel your abs, biceps etc as you flex and flex. You grind him harder and harder… you keep grinding and squeezing all the time mentioning that you love the sound of breaking bones as you crush his rib cage... you tell him you want him to cum as you grind and flex.. you give him a 20 second count down... very slowly as you flex and tell some short stories of how you can lift cars, crush them if needed, cause havoc.. because you are supergirl… At 20 he cums so hard your impressed by it. You tell him that you’ll be back after he recuperates for more muscle domination stories.