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Mountain Foot Sniffing Worship

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Posted: 05/16/2018
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
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Femdom POV , Female Domination

I'm hiking and have taken my boots off for a quick rest. If you want to learn about worshipping my feet now is the time, scoot in and pay attention to how I want you to worship my smelly feet, rub them, kiss them, a warm up so that at the end of day when you suck them clean it's extra intense. You have been struggling to keep up on this hike that you came ill-prepared for. I found out you crave smelly feet, so now it's on. I know you've been lurking, cowardly, instead of stepping up to serve any way you can. Let's get it started. I know all about it...


ps. This is one of my favourite places to go hiking in underwear, seriously.