Morning D***y

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Posted: 09/09/2016
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Category: Taboo

“Morning Daddy” 

Starring Amy Faye 

Directed by JohnM 

 Just stepping out of a fresh shower Amy has stayed home from school for a little extra d***y time this morning and approaches her sleeping d***y on the master bed. 

“Good morning daddy” Amy softly whispers as she pulls down the covers and finds his large hard cock awaiting her. “Mmmm I just love your big cock!” she exclaims as she hides his dick in her mouth. 

As her pussy is dripping wet, Amy climbs on top of her d***y and slips his cock into her tight little pussy. She rides him hard and right as she is about to cum her d***y wakes up and they have passionate sex as she rides him and he thrusts his cock further into her. 

Amy moans in delight as she comes to a climax then she takes daddy’s hard cock in the mouth and finishes her d***y off swallowing his cum in her mouth. 

They kiss and say good bye as he goes back to bed and Amy gets ready to head out for school.  

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, I****t, Taboo, Daddy’s Girl, Pussy Licking, Blow Job, Body views, Foot Views.