Money milking

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Posted: 12/10/2017
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Category: Financial Domination

I walk in, looking angelic in my white outfit and hairband. "Good morning. I'm Kaidence, I just joined the staff here at the milking warehouse.” I turn the milking machine on and it starts sucking your dick while I explain everything to you. I explain that I take men like you, tie you up and milk you for your pre-cum. Then I sell it. But if you actually cum, it contaminates the whole batch, so our milking machine detects when you’re about to orgasm and electric shocks you. Now, the more pre-cum I harvest, the more money I make, and you know women love money right? So I’m very motivated to edge you for hours, getting as much pre-cum as possible until you’re completely drained. I know exactly how to use my little cash slaves’ fetishes against them. You, for example, love tits and cute faces. I start teasing you with my tits, my face, my lips. I get on my knees and start begging you to cum on my face, teasing and taunting you with my body. I laugh every time you get shocked and celebrate every time more pre-cum drips into the jug. Eventually, you’re completely drained. You’ve given me almost a gallon of pre-cum and I’m very happy with you. But remember, this starts all over again tomorrow!