Money Masochist

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Posted: 02/03/2018
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Category: Financial Domination
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You're not just into findom; you're a money MASOCHIST. It has to hurt, to count, doesn't it? I have to really fuck your wallet hard now for you to get off. It's just the same as any other painslut fetish; spanking fans aren't going to bust a nut over a pat on the booty, CBT junkies need more than a bit of string around the balls, and $50 tributes just aren't doing it for you anymore. You need to be scared, you need to feel the adrenaline surge as you panic about debt, you want to come to me and have me be the ruthless, soulless, greedy bitch of your fantasies. Hi. I'm right here. I'll be your sadistic brat, if you're ready to be my money masochist...