Kelle Martina

M***y's Big Boy

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Posted: 02/07/2019
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Category: Taboo
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Older Woman/Younger Man , Religious , Handjobs , Femdom POV

0-3. Have you walk into the room in PJs (if possible pink or white). Notice that I am sad. And ask whats wrong. The girl I have a crush, Megan from church, said she doesn't like me and no girl ever will. You comfort me.

4-5 You tell me, that you like me, and you have a crush on me and you want to show me. You remove your PJs leaving your bra and panties on. You show off your butt and ask if I have a crush on m***y.

6-8 You touch me and very are aroused, comforting me you nice words during. I am unsure about the size of my penis being this is the first time I have been with a girl. You hornily tell me, "you have such a nice big boy boner."

8-10 You remove your bra (not you panties), act out a blowjob. You tell me to forget about Megan, and that m***y will be my girlfriend.

11-13 You finish me off with a HJ, being very encouraging admiring what a good job I am doing. (your panties stay on the entire clip) You want me to cum in your month so you can have those "Big Boy Cummies". When I finish you are so happy, and want to tuck me so we can be up early for church the next day.