Modern Slavery Is Financial

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Posted: 01/05/2018
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Most people assume that slavery is all but abolished in developed countries. Most people don't know about findom... <br>Modern slavery is a mindfuck, in that it also takes the form of your escapism, your release. Modern slavery is financial. In years gone by, this captivity would relate to your physical security and access to necessities, but in a capitalist world in which most of these factors are taken care of for all of us, you can allow yourself to be controlled on a higher level. I don't need laws to keep you in line, to keep you here working for me, PAYING me. The chains are the social ineptitude of your own mind, and the whips take the form of every lash of rejection from a hot woman like me, reminding you that losers like you don't get this, without paying. <br>You wanna hear the kicker? You CHOOSE this. You LIKE this. You LOVE being a slave for me.