Luna Lain

Model Tryout - Zara Diesel & Luna Lain

Price: $7.99
Clip length: 00:07:55
Posted: 03/23/2018
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Category: Forced Stripping
Secondary categories:
Lesbian , Barely Legal , Lesbian Domination , Humiliation , Embarrassment

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Zara Diesel comes to an audition and is pleasantly surprised to see a woman although she is in for  a surprise! This cute young girl has potential and Luna Lane asks her to remove her clothes so that she can see her build. This is way more than Zara expected, and she tries to avoid disrobing. Luna does not have patience for her protestations and starts stripping her of her clothes while Zara cowers in humiliation. She tries to cover her body but Luna pushes things even more!

Bending this shy girl over, Luna smacks her ass and f****s kisses on her. The modeling job requires interactions with other models and Luna insists that Zara kiss her.Giving her best effort, she tries to kiss but shakes in fear.

Luna wants to test her out even more and pushes her on the couch so she can spread her legs. This girl is so spineless that Luna should be able to push her into her secret prostitution ring with ease!

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