Mistress Foxx Dominates Wonder Woman

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Posted: 11/17/2015
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Category: Super Heroine
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Role Play , Tit Worship , Boots , Pussy Worship , Domination

Starring Zoey Foxx and Victoria Verve

Wonder Woman and Madam Foxx are locked in an intense battle. Blow after blow lands as they tumble and tackle each other around the room. They won’t give up as they get knocked down and leap to their feet ready to fight.

After a vicious series of left and right hooks, Wonder Woman is pushed up against the wall as Madam Foxx works her over.

Madam Foxx throws her on the bed, making her worship her tits as Wonder Woman sucks on them. She screams about how much she loves Madam Foxx’s tits.

Brought to her knees, Wonder Woman must kiss her boots and take them off. She kisses and licks the Madam’s feet as she reveals in her archenemies powerless struggle. Wonder Woman takes her tits out so that she can rub her feet on her tits.

Madam Foxx makes her worship her ass, kissing it and stroking it. On her back, Wonder Woman has her pussy rubbed hard and her tits squeezed. Wonder Woman starts to like the attention on her pussy and moans as it is fingered and licked in a variety of positions.

They begin to 69 as Wonder Woman devours Madam Foxx’s pussy. Finally they rub each other’s clits until they both cum.

But the fight is not over, Madam Foxx drags Wonder Woman outside to continue her dominance.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Superheroines, Wonder Woman, Madam Foxx, Stripping, Boots, Dominance, Lesbians, Pussy Eating, 69, Clit Rubbing, Spitting, Fighting, Fight Scene, Costumes, Role-play, Fantasy


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