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Miss Jade's Fembot - HD

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Posted: 02/16/2019
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Category: Feminization
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Sissy Training , Gay for Pay , Bi-Sexual , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV

MIstress Jenifer Jade hasn't been a 'Domme' for long but shes already got a loyal following of sycophantic losers, sissys, and pay zombies desperate for the chance to prove themselves.

Well you sissy boys are in for a treat today as she is going to bring out the TRUE LOSER in YOU. She is so fucking out of your league and such an ALPHA Princess, that you really will do anything she says for an ounce of her attention. Your training is going to begin, with you being transformed from a submissive male, into a SISSY SLUT.

Jennifer is going to break you, completely. And she knows you will be even better value to her as a lipstick-wearing, cock-craving SLUT! Your penis will no longer be required, so it will be allowed to rot in a chastity device, hidden away under cheap panties. You will learn to love wearing girly clothing and you will be re-programmed to think like a girl, craving cock between your LIPS and up your ARSE...