Mistress Salem

Mindwash Baptism Edge & Back

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Posted: 03/02/2019
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Category: Orgasm Control
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Mesmerize , Eyes , Sub Training , Goddess Worship , Orgasm Denial

Maybe you're caught in a lucid dream. Maybe you're beginning to finally see the secret place where I am going to keep you.... All you know is that you see Goddess & you also see through My eyes into My sexy playspace- visions of My dungeon & written mantras/Goddess worship rules pertaining to your cock & your cum under MY control wash across the screen along to the relaxing sound of water pouring into a tub,,,I'm visiting London avoiding the cold rain by soaking in a hot bath. My seductive voice invites you to join Goddess - this mesmerizing trip feels almost hallucinogenic yet you are fully aware of all senses lighting up at the sight of My wet body. As you begin to fall under a deeply entranced spell listening to My slow brainwashing commands & seeing Goddess staring deeply into your eyes beginning to give you stroking commands... To serve Goddess you will learn to edge yourself to the brink & stop just in time to tease your cock into a frenzy. I'm peering into your soul, dissembling your natural male instincts & rebuilding you in My image. This is your Baptism to Salemism. Any resistance disappears as more commands flash across the screen while My big green eyes watch you jerk off to My whispers, while I implant triggers in your mind & reassemble your masturbation routine. Relax your body entirely & focus on My jerk off instructions. Worship My divine body in the bubble bath. Lose yourself in My big green eyes sparkling through psychedelic visual stimulus. At a sudden point My tub is full & you are emptied. I fill your mind with warm, wet thoughts. I test your edging abilities by counting out your strokes & reprogramming you to cum only with My permission. The beautiful repetition of My mesmerizing rules sinks deeply into you as do I- I infect you with an addiction, a weakness for My control. I see that you are changing for Me, falling under this spell of Mine trying to prove you deserve a place in My empire being just one more small man trying to impress a great Goddess. I turn you into the obedient slave who belongs in My dreamland, in the warm tub & in My hot steamy dungeon at the mercy of My many instruments... THIS IS THE FIRST STEP, SLAVE- THIS IS YOUR BAPTISM. Finally you will release your male ego & selfish cum-driven desires. Everything about Me is more powerful than you; bigger than you. Revel in this baptism. Will Goddess allow you to cum? Is your puny mind full of Salemism to the point where you deserve it? Perhaps the only thing that can save you is to keep this video on a constant loop... this sensory overload hits you hard, so hard that you may NEED to watch many many times to absorb all of My teachings...This is only the beginning. This is a test. This is a privilege. There are two options only for you now slave: Obey, or pay the price!

CLIP CONTAINS: Goddess worship, mesmerize, edging, joi, jerk off instruction, eye contact, brainwash fantasy, mind fuck, orgasm control, tease & denial, sub training, sensual domination, femdom POV, orgasm denial, slave training, sub instructions, gooning, bathtub, green eyes, eye fixation, masturbation instruction, ASMR, religious, worship