Mindfucked Into A Sexless Existence

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Posted: 07/22/2017
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I know that sex is something you think about a lot. You imagine how your dick would feel as it was made wet by a pussy, the warmth of your body against the softness of a woman's, you think about how it would feel to cum inside a woman, instead of a tissue. Yes, you obsess about all of this still, I know...but are you sure you really even want sex anymore? What if you were born to be a virgin? What if the palm of your hand feels better to a guy like you than real sex ever could? Stroke for me as I mindfuck you into a sexless future...tempting you with how good this digital sex life you have built is, and terrifying you about how real life could never compare, especially not for a beta male like you. Years of humping your hand have made you forget what it was you were even chasing; you've just learned to love the chase itself. The anticipation and fantasy is always going to be bigger and better for you than the reality of sex. Cum as you denounce your sexual future for me. Be my virgin forever.