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Mindfuck in Wonderland JOI

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Posted: 07/24/2018
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JOI , Mesmerize , Hypno-Robo , Magic , Masturbation Instruction

ALICE IN WONDERLAND is your guide as you fall deep into an entranced state...This mindfuck clip is not for the novice. Have your things ready & prepare for total surrender. I am going to take you to Wonderland... you must put all trust in Alice & sniff deeply, feel the waves of pleasure captivate you as you begin to follow Me down the rabbit hole... It feels so so good to give up control, to follow Alice to an unknown place... Psychedelic effects enhance your trip as you continue to get higher & higher, falling down the rabbit hole as you stroke your cock for Me...Falling is a mesmerizing enchanting adventure...

As you fall, you watch the whip swing back & forth, mesmerized entirely by Alice. My seductive voice commands you to push it further than ever before- you want to know what is on the other side! I know you're feeling lost- stop trying to grab onto anything, allow yourself to fly through time & space under this enchantment...your cock is throbbing, so hard...where am I going to take you? Follow the sway of the whip, worship the curves of My heavenly ass & My beautiful long legs in high heels while I stare into you, strip you naked with My eyes...put you under My spell, feeling yourself become lighter as you fall deeper...Completely mesmerized by Alice, you find yourself weightless, feeling only the throbbing ache of your hard cock & the desire to follow Alice to Wonderland... follow My instructions, get higher than ever before....Alice is bringing you to WONDERLAND....

A bell tolls. The whip still sways before you, slowly dissolving from view as binaural beats rise from the depths of the rabbit hole & you come tumbling out the other side! Suddenly, Alice is gone! This is not the Wonderland you expected...but you're so high, so captivated by the spell that you must obey this dark Goddess who appears before you... See, Alice has brought you deep down into a place of Hedonism & Desire - a place where you will feel all the unknown pleasures of the Earth. Now you find yourself completely mindfucked, trapped in My sadistic world... Now that you are here, you will make a decision that is going to change your life forever...

Alice brought you here, lured you to Me to turn you into My belonging forever! Sniff when I say, stroke like I say...Worship My perfect tits, bouncing above you...worship My ass in shiny latex & My thigh high shiny stiletto boots... listen to your new God, your new Master... Obey My commands & accept your new fate- you are so lucky, with your face in My ass inhaling while you fuck your hand for Me! Now you are Mine- condemned to be Mine forever... you want to know what it feels like to cum before your true God... My body drives you to the edge, intense eye contact melting your mind to mush, you become putty in My hands as I tease you, dance before you, caress My Goddess body & enslave you mentally & physically!!! All of this began with Alice...& it ends here with Me, bitchboy... There is no choice but to obey, stroking your cock for Me & getting fucked up for Me, at My mercy, under My spell... Everything about Me makes you weak, & though you tremble at My power you are so turned on that the desire to cum is all-consuming, and I know it!

at the end of My sensual & sadistic countdown, once you have fulfilled My demands, you will cum so hard that you see STARS- and you will do just as I say to seal the deal.... the taste of your devotion to Me, the taste of you swallowing your loser pride & submitting your soul entirely to Me. This isn't like any storybook you've ever read, unlike any fairytale. What begins as a tantric trippy fall down the rabbit hole ends with your mind being fucked to the ultimate limit & your soul surrendered. There is nothing you wouldn't do for Me. Welcome to WONDERLAND... cum at the feet of your God & lick up the mess enjoying every last drop!!

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