Mind Body Takeover - Poppers

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Posted: 01/07/2018
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Category: Forced Intox
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Mesmerize , Mesmerize , Mindfuck

Poppers help loosen you up, they allow me to slide in to your mind, and take over. They do the hard work when it comes to relaxing your body too, but they're not the only trick I have up my sleeve. I don't need those chemicals to do a full mind body takeover, so feel free to watch this without them, so I can prove my point. Except I know you won't. You're addicted to poppers, just like you're addicted to me. A quick induction pulls you deep, and that bottle of rush deeper still. I reveal to you the tricks I use to control your brain, to reprogram you. I can tell you all of my secrets and they'll still be just as effective; they're that subconscious & powerful, if you even remember them at all. Or is everything I tell you about how I twisted you around my little finger purely distraction, from the real hyp-robo-meditation methods I'm employing right before your eyes. Too bad you're too fucked up to tell. Too bad you're about to cum & seal your fate further, regardless....