Princess Fierce

Masturbation Meditation: Herbal Intox

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Clip length: 00:24:52
Posted: 03/15/2017
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Category: Mesmerize
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***Before watching this clip, blaze up, smoke herb, get high. You will need your choice of joint, blunt, bowl, bong, vape, packed and ready to go*** You will be reeducated & reprogrammed through herbal substance. You will earn my approval by lighting up. Your body will go numb, tingle, and relaxation will be felt throughout. You will be guided by my body and voice to enter a heightened state of arousal. Once your fingertips are placed on your cock you will associate herb/w33d/blazing/smoking/r33fer with me. Your thoughts will be reformed, and you will soon feel completely under your Goddess' control. Once the clip finishes, you will feel compelled to continue...This clip contains elements of MESMERIZE, MIND FUCK, JERK OFF ENCOURAGEMENT, MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, SENSUAL DOMINATION, SLAVE TASK, HERBAL INTOXICATION, HYP-ROBO MEDITATION, HYP-MEDITATION, RELAXING, MENTAL DOMINATION.