Kelle Martina

Manipulatrix Redux

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Clip length: 00:09:07
Posted: 08/19/2018
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Category: Mindfuck
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Sub Training , Humiliation , Femdom POV

Manipulatrix Confessions

So, you’ve watched “Manipulatrix Confessions” and it really hit close to home for you, didn't it? You want to hear more? I have so many more truths to tell you. The kind of truths that hit you right in your gut, drop you right to your knees. When I'm not playing a role, not donning a crazy costume and whip, I’m just speaking, right to you, right to your soul. An intimate chat, where I tell you about yourself and how pathetic you truly are, deep inside because you did this to yourself, didn't you?

A manipulating mind fuck.