Kitzi Klown

Magic Penectomy Castration Spell

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Posted: 07/30/2018
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Category: Magic
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JOI , Masturbation Instruction , Aliens and Monsters , Forced Orgasms , Fantasy

Clown magic is ancient... powerful. I created a voodoo spell for men who find it difficult to live with a pesky penis. Do you crave a smooth, Ken doll groin? Have you ever wished your tiny Circus peanut would just disappear, shrink away into nothing with all its annoying urges and testosterone? I'm able to use my power to completely remove your yucky penis. Eunuchs, through history, have been proven to better serve women than intact men. Without your ooky kooky cocky, you can better serve the Circus. Use my special masturbation cream to rub the spell into your penis... just like that, noodle... Watch my gorgeous clown body, my adorable antics, my big sexy tittie balloonies... and by the time you squirt everywhere, that old meatstick of yours will POOF!! DISAPPEAR!