Janey Jones

M0mmy's Little Pervert

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Posted: 12/30/2017
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Category: Femdom POV
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Role Play , Ass Licking , Taboo , Pussy Worship

Ass eating, breastfeeding, pussy sucking, virtual sex, and foot worship...intense interactive *** and *** role play, with extreme closeups!

CUSTOM CLIP, ORIGINAL SCRIPT: M***y owns me, and I am your baby boy, your perfect little boy who does anything for his m***y to make her happy. I must do everything m***y says or else. You are calling me your baby, little boy, ***, m***y's little pervert. You tell me to go the the bedroom and get naked for m***y. Shutting and locking the door behind. Then m***y makes her baby boy help undress m***y. You change into a long lacy nightgown and begin breastfeeding and slowly rubbing her baby boys naked body. I like when you talking baby talk to me but also are very aggressive and dominant. Demanding me to do things. Begin telling me to kiss lower and lower, holding my head down making me smell and taste M***y's perfect pussy. You have some pubic hair…. Close up of your vagina and asshole… making me lick you. You are saying things like its our naughty little secret. Then you become more aggressive and hold me down and fuck me so hard...as I beg for you to stop. You keep telling to fuck m***y, give m***y your cum, m***y wants to cum on your dick. Fucking harder and harder. Very aggressive. Being a good boy, a very good boy, M***y wants me to finish deep inside her. Orgasm together.