Janey Jones

M0mmy's Little Cocksucker Blackmail

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Clip length: 00:09:37
Posted: 02/20/2018
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Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Blowjobs , Humiliation , Strap-On , Cock

CUSTOM CLIP, ORIGINAL SCRIPT: This is a blackmail POV virtual blow job scene for m***y and *** -- M***y has an extremely sensitive cock (your strapless strap-on). I want the POV to show your face and breasts as the cock goes down below the camera like it is going in and out of your ***'s mouth. The scene opens with you naked and stroking your cock. You woke up so horny this morning with a really big load that built up all night and has to come out. You call out to your young *** to come in there. You sweet talk him about how great he has gotten at sucking his mommy’s cock and you really need some relief this morning. He complains he’s got to catch the bus to school but you tell him there is time. With his wonderful little mouth m***y will blow her load in no time at all. Come on baby, m***y needs you to suck her off before school. He complains some more. I mean you guys just had some fun last night. You get more dominant and blackmail him. This is going to happen so get over here, get down on your knees, and suck mommy’s cock until she cums and be a good boy and swallow it all down. M***y wants to send you to school with her seed inside you. You work your hips back and forth. Service your m***y like a good boy should. Of course it feels fantastic and you moan and groan and make all kinds of sexy feel good facial expressions. You talk dirty the whole time about how good his mouth feels and blowing your load. Get dominate (i.e. suck my cock bitch). Eventually you cum. Make a really sexy passionate cum face like it’s the best nut you’ve ever had while telling him to drink all mommy’s cum down. Your facial expressions are important. It really feels fucking awesome! Email your custom clip requests to janeyjanenet at gmail dot com.