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M0mmy Dearest - Teaching S0n to Suck

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Posted: 08/21/2017
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This is a continuation of the clip ( ) M0mmy is back to continue training my feminized s0n. You are no longer getting beat up at school, but the m0ther's are complaining their s0ns aren't getting their dirty dick sucked after gym class. M0mmy needs to keep training you. I pull out my dildo and I begin teaching you how to get a dick hard and how you will play with it. M0mmy has bigger plans for you. You are fairly dumb, so college isn't in your future, the STREETS are your future. I will sell your ass on the corner and collect ca$h from your faggot cocksucking mouth. But, first you need practice on the boys at school. It's time to get to work SISSY. This clip contains elements of *** & *** Fantasy, Feminization, Sissification, Sissy, Sissy Training, Sissy Slut, Coerced Bi, Coerced FEM, Coerced GAY, Humiliation, Fag, Faggot.